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Rich in History & Opulence

Berlin is the capital of Germany (since 1990 following German reunification) and has a population of approx. 3.5M people.
Berlin’s economy is mainly based on the service sector due to being one of the most popular touristic destinations in Europe. Other industries include IT, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, biomedical engineering, and biotechnology. Lately, Berlin has also been the epicenter for new and successful startups and sometimes is referred to as Silicon Allee (deriving from the original Silicon Valley in the U.S).
Located in the eastern part of Germany Berlin is an important hub to the Eastern European states like Poland. Although many people would refer to Alexanderplatz being the city center, there is no real city center in Berlin. Rather Berlin has a lot of “Kieze” which are little communities of their own within Berlin.
Berlin is relatively flat and its biggest river is called Spree. In the Western Berlin borough of Spandau, the Spree meets the Havel. In this area, there are many the lakes like Wannsee and Tegeler See. But also if you take the S-Bahn direction East you will soon find yourself in the middle of great nature and lots of nice lakes that invite you to jump in and cool off during summertime.

Lifestyle in Berlin

Rich in History, Embracing the Modern
  • Major Transportation Hub
  • ​Museums, Theaters, & Restaurants
  • World Historical Center
  • World Class Education Institutions
  • Beautiful Public Parks
  • Seasonal Climates
  • Business Destination
  • Startup Ecosystem
  • Progressive Mentality
  • Nightlife Destination
  • Fashion Destination
  • International Residents
  • Very Pet Friendly
  • Established Tourism Industry


Berlin is globally known for its big food scene. The word 'Berliner' actually translates to a donut. While you can find all types of international fare, new and old-world, the traditional food of Berlin has a deep-rooted history in the city and is a draw for international tourists everywhere. Home of the Wurst (sausage), in the streets you can find plentiful Currywurst, a dish similar to Sausage, chili, and french fries. Many of the local dishes have foreign influence, such as Doner Kebab and Durum, Senfeir, Konigsberger Klopse, Berliner / Pfannkuchen, and Kunefe.


Art aficionados will find their world turned upside down in Berlin. Home to 440+ galleries, tons of world-class collections, and some 10,000+ international artists, it has assumed an anchor position on the global art scene. Young energy, restlessness, and experimental spirit combined and infused with an undercurrent of grit are what give this ‘eternally unfinished’ city its street cred. Since the fall of the Wall, Berlin’s abundant space and relatively inexpensive cost of living have made it a haven for international emerging artists.


Whether you prefer to spend your holiday taking in the traditional tourist destinations such as historical sites, architectural works of art, or touring some of the abundant numbers of museums, or you prefer something with a little grit and edge, Berlin has classic attractions and experimental attitude to deliver some one-of-a-kind experiences like; The Monster Kabinett,  a wonderland (so to speak) of massive robotic creatures, clanking metal sculptures and insect-like beasts. Another unique attraction is the Liquidrom, a futuristic German spa that allows visitors to float in a pool of salt water while zoning out to underwater techno.


Berlin, the capital of Germany, is the country's leading fine dining destination with 21 Michelin-Starred restaurants. For those with an affinity for luxury brands, Berlin has to offer a jewel in the crown of Berlin department stores, Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe), which houses designer stores such as Gucci and Prada as well as other European quality outlets.
Well over 100 years old, every day the original iron gate from 1907 is opened for visitors to begin their shopping adventures. Over the years more mainstream stores have found their way into the department store mix.
Be sure to visit the renowned luxury food hall on the sixth floor for an overwhelming sensory experience. Visit the renowned luxury food hall on the sixth floor for an overwhelming sensory experience.

Attractions & Destinations

A City Continuously Evolving
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