Buyer's Guide

Buyers rely on Joske’s decades of experience working in challenging markets. He advises them on crafting offers where price and terms net the result they will be satisfied with long-term. Invaluable knowledge of San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods comes from Joske’s 39 years of successful transactions. With every
client no matter the price point he diligently shares his time and expertise.


The Buyer's Interview

  • Will give you a comprehensive understanding of the Sales Process in San Francisco.
  • A thorough explanation of the Time & Action Flow-chart.
  • Determining your “Buyer’s Cost”
  • Explaining the Inspection Process.
  • Explaining the Escrow Process in San Francisco.
  • Understanding the Property Tax calendar for San Francisco.

Financial Resources

  • Pre-qualification/pre-approval for the purchaser so that you are assured of getting  a loan before you make an offer.
  • Recommendation of lenders with the best rates and most professional service.
  • Information and recommendations on alternative financing.

Assistance Finding the Right Property

  • Often time's well-priced properties are sold before the first Sunday open house.
  • Understanding and working within your parameters.
  • Help in determining what the fair market value is in the current frenetic market.
  • Preparation and professional presentation of your offer.
  • Providing direction in choosing your Lender, Escrow, Title Company, Termite Inspector  and General Inspection Contractor.

Cost of Having a "Buyer's Agent"?

Nothing. The seller pays the Real Estate commission. They charge no less for their homes if you are underrepresented. The only difference is that they pay the entire commission fee to their agent instead of splitting it with yours. 

Experienced & Strategic

Licensed real estate broker since 1983.
Trusted counselor. Skilled negotiator. Expert facilitator.

Work With Joske

Joske works equally well with property sellers and those looking to buy property in San Francisco, primarily because he never loses sight of their goals. He has established a solid reputation for adeptly representing luxury real estate buyers, sellers, and developers from across the globe.

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